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ODU Fishing News – Study Reveals Secrets of Colorado's Cutthroats

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Colorado Fishing Blogs on Fish Explorer – Lucky Seven, by David …

Fish Explorer is a member-driven fishing resource for Colorado lakes, designed to make it easy for you to find lakes, fish species, maps, and fishing tips and reports. Help us maintain current water temps, water levels, and …

ODU Fishing News – Colorado to Poison All Fish to Eradicate …

Fishing News Online. Favorite Links for ODU Fishing News

Crappie Fishing Lures

Their mouths tear easy and studying fishing videos , books and listening carefully to those in the know will help you set your fishing hooks into more Crappie than any lures or baits ever will. Author Bio: Brad Jorgensen is a fishing enthusiast from Denver, Colorado and an avid blogger on the latest in fishing tips and techniques . Having traveled throughout North America seeking out fishing adventures, Brad is knowledgeable in a wide range or fishing topics.