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Crappie Fishing Honey Holes in Nebraska

Crappie fishing in Nebraska is excellent. The crappie is a member of the sunfish family and they are classified as the black crappie (Promoxis nigro-maculatus) and the white crappie (Promoxis annularis).

The black crappie can be distinguished by its seven or eight dorsal spines and it’s a dark color with spots on its side. The white crappie has six dorsal spines and is a lighter color. There will be eight or nine vertical bands on its sides.

Both types of crappie average about one pound in weight but they can grow up to and a little over five pounds. Sometimes the crappies are called speckled perch, paper mouth and goggleye to name a few. Nebraska is an excellent state with many bodies of water where you can go crappie fishing.

Here are a few of the areas where you can go crappie fishing in Nebraska:

Branched Oak Lake
Harlan County Lake
Box Butte Reservoir
Enders Reservoir
Calamus Reservoir
Sherman Reservoir
Lewis and Clark Lake
Swanson Reservoir
Merritt Reservoir
Harry Strunk Lake
Red Willow Reservoir
Maloney Reservoir
Lake Minatare

There are also many private ponds and small creeks available where the crappie are plentiful. The Nebraska state record for the white crappie was caught and reeled in out of the Red Willow Reservoir and the black crappie was actually caught in a farm pond.

Have you ever heard of crappie honey holes? It’s a great technique that will make catching crappie much easier. Crappies are drawn to areas where there are brush piles and other structures. That’s why honey holes are so effective.
Creating a honey hole is simple and easy to do.

How to Make a Crappie Fishing Honey Hole

Crappie fishing honey holes in Nebraska can be made by creating brush piles or some type of man made structures. The advantage to creating your own honey hole is that you will be the only person that knows where it’s located. Therefore, you get to enjoy all the benefits of having this unique place to go crappie fishing.

When using brush to make your honey holes try to find branches from a willow tree because these will be the best option for you to use to attract lots of crappie.

You can also use plastic or pvc pipes to make brush piles. Whichever items you use all you need to do is tie them to something heavy like a block and sink them to the bottom of the body of water in which you are fishing. The crappie will hid out in the structure you sunk and wait for their prey to come by.

The best time to make a honey hole in Nebraska is right after the last cold snap when spring is on the horizon. Create several honey holes and place them at different depths. This way you will have a spot for all areas when the crappies are in the shallows and when they move out deeper.

Different depths and locations will also create honey holes for the different seasons in Nebraska. This is important since the crappie can be found at different depths depending on the temperature of the water.

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Crappie Fishing Honey Holes In Nebraska

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